About Stephen’s Table

Stephen’s Table is a network of faith communities that have made a commitment to stand with people from their hometown who are serving time in state and federal prisons. The purpose is fourfold:

  • To remind them that they haven’t been forgotten.
  • To help them make the most of their prison time .
  • To assist the family members they’ve left behind.
  • To support them during their transition home.

Our many-to-one model means both that you’ll never go it alone and that you won’t be letting anyone down when your commitment is over. Our focus on people from the Chattanooga area means that they’ll be coming home to a support system rather than leaving it in prison. And our inclusion of their family means that their loved ones won’t become helpless victims of their incarceration.

It’s Easy for You To Make Difference

More than half of all prisoners are completely abandoned by their families and friends – receiving not even a single visit the whole time they’re locked up. At the same time, it is know that visitation improves the rate people succeed after prison by about 30 percent. And letters seem to have the same beneficial effect as visitation — preserving social bonds.

You don’t need to know anything about prison to make a difference. If you know anything about building relationships, you already have what it takes to be of service through Stephen’s Table.

Our staff coordinates with the institutions, enrolls the prisoners, connects with their families, and matches them with faith communities. This means that you can leave the time-consuming administration behind and concentrate on what’s most important – reaching out to people in prison. We also provide training, technical assistance, and ongoing support so you’ll never feel left alone in your work.

What’s The Commitment?

About an hour a week for a year. Less than ten minutes a day.

How Do I Start?

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with us

Phone (423) 266-1888

  Email us at

  Text “Community Letters” to 313131 (for updates)