Sample First Letter




I was given your information from Chattanooga Endeavors and understand that you’d like to be a part of Stephen’s Table to stay in touch while you’re in prison.

I am assuming that you’re still planning to come home to the Chattanooga area – and that this is still at least two years away.  If you think you’ll be coming home much sooner, please let me know so we can get Chattanooga Endeavors involved with some of your reentry needs. Either way, please give me your best guess as to when you think you will be released. This will help me and the other members of our Yellow Ribbon Committee stay organized and make sure we don’t overlook anything that might be a concern for you during your transition from prison to society.

Either I or someone from our Yellow Ribbon Committee will continue to be in touch with you until you are within 3-6 months of coming home.  At that time, we will introduce you to members of the Chattanooga Endeavors staff who will guide you through the reentry process. Chattanooga Endeavors has resources to help with many of things you might need in the community to reestablish yourself.

I’m excited to get to know you and hope that you feel the same way. Please let me know a little bit about you and your interests.  I’m happy to write about whatever is on your mind.  When it is time to start planning for your homecoming, I’ll have some specific material to cover with you. But until that time, we can take it in whatever direction you like.

Enclosed is a self-addressed stamped envelope for you to write back. I’ll continue to enclose return envelopes with my letters so you don’t have to be concerned with the cost of postage.  In case you want to write more frequently, the address to use to reach me and the other members of your Yellow Ribbon Team is:

Inner Circle YRC
c/o Chattanooga Endeavors
PO Box 3351
Chattanooga, TN 37404-0351


YOUR FIRST NAME – On behalf of the THE NAME OF YOUR Yellow Ribbon Committee

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