Stephen’s Table is a fellowship of ordinary citizens who have made the extraordinary commitment to stand in compassion with members of their hometown who are serving time in prisons that the pain of incarceration might not break their bond with the community they share and that their homecoming might be a time of celebration and renewal and not desperation and divorce. By simple acts of human kindness through letter writing and visitation, members reignite hope in the hearts of those living in the shadow of the criminal justice system:

  • Reminding them that they haven’t been forgotten
  • Supporting them to make the most of their time in prison
  • Assisting their loved ones who may be suffering in silence, and
  • Helping them to create a network of support for when they come home

Although Stephen’s Table committees may be formed in religious, academic, or community organizations, Stephen’s Table is not allied with any denomination, ideology, or social agenda; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any cause beyond its own. Our primary purpose is to preserve the social bond with members of our community who are serving time in prison.