Established in 1988,  Chattanooga Endeavors is the oldest and longest surviving prisoner reentry program in East Tennessee.  For more than three decades, we have pioneered effective solutions to the complex problems that prisoners and their loved ones face as they attempt to recover from the impact of a felony conviction.

Over the years, we have addressed some of the most challenging issues prisoners face when returning home – including homelessness, substance abuse, illiteracy, and unemployment.  The premise of much of our work is that a great deal of crime can be prevented in a relatively straightforward and inexpensive way by improving the circumstances of those who are the most likely to commit it. They’re easy to identify. They’re the ones coming home from prison. And we understand what they need. Decades of extensive research has made that clear.

While we’re known for our groundbreaking employment program, what most characterizes our work at Chattanooga Endeavors is an abiding belief in second chances, a welcoming environment for those who have made mistakes, and a fiery staff of mostly former offenders who are deeply dedicated to being of true service to those who are where they once were.

We are striving for a day when everyone from Chattanooga who is serving time in prison, along with their loved ones, receive the hometown support they need from their earliest encounter with the criminal justice system until they are free and clear of its adverse effect.