Fr. Jack Hickey Society

Keeping The Spirit of Reconciliation

Fr. Jack Hicky Society Members

Named for the founder of the original Dismas HouseRev. Jack Hickey, O.P. (May 6, 1935 – January 25, 1987) — the Chattanooga Endeavors Board of Trustees established a class of membership to honor individuals who exemplify the spirit of reconciliation that is the cornerstone of our culture and who have made extraordinary contributions to the furtherance of our mission of second chances.


John Anderson

Resident House Manager 1988-1997

For his contribution to the creation of Dismas House as the organization’s first student resident and first resident manager.


Bill Bell

Board Chair 2002-2005

For his leadership in the establishment of our alternative staffing program which created jobs for participants and an income for the organization.


Bill Burbank

Board Chair 1993-1994

For his leadership in expanding our board and increasing our budget in order to reach greater numbers with more substantial services.


Tim Dempsey

Founding Director 1988

For his leadership in the founding of Dimas House and Chattanooga Endeavors and for institutionalizing a culture of subsidiarity and second chances.


Ardena Garth Hicks

Board Chair 2016

For her leadership in the restructuring of the board to reestablish the organization’s employment program following the Great Recession.


Lee Hilling

Volunteer 2004

For his leadership in the conceptualization, design, and implementation of our alternative staffing program as an earned income strategy.


Terry Horgan

Dismas Inc Executive Director 1978-1998

For his indefensible leadership in the original outreach and resource development needed to establish our Dismas House in Chattanooga.


Tom Judge

Board Chair 1996-1999

For his leadership in the transition from Dismas House to Chattanooga Endeavors and in the creation of the organization’s first major event.


George Key

Board Chair 1991-1992

For his leadership in the collaboration with the Private Industry Council that enabled the demonstration project that became Chattanooga Endeavors.


Carl Labbe

First Board Chair 1988-1991

For his vision, leadership, and dedication to established Dismas House as the first reentry program in Chattanooga.


Jeff Tassin

Volunteer & Program Manager 2000-2016

For his person dedication to our mission, his service to our learning center, and his role in designing our alternative staffing program.


Barry Snow

First Returning Resident 1988

For accepting the invitation as the first returning resident and for his dedication to the organization’s mission as a role model and employer.


Joe Thatcher

Board Chair 1994-1996

For his leadership in securing federal funds to continue operations following the separation from our parent organization, Dismas, Inc.