Building A Sense Of Place for All In Chattanooga

We are striving for a day when everyone from Chattanooga who is serving time in prison and their loved ones have access to the support and the resources that they need from their earliest encounter with the criminal justice system until they are free and clear of its adverse effects. #2XChances2023 #EmpowerChattanooga #CommunityBuilding


Welcome to the inspiring 2XChances2023 Campaign! Our mission is to empower Chattanooga residents with knowledge about the criminal justice system, while fostering a culture of second chances within our community and providing simple opportunities for participants to take action. By deepening our understanding of the underlying causes and consequences of crime and recidivism, we believe that we can work together to improve well-being in Chattanooga and recover a sense of place in Chattanooga that includes us all.

At the core of this campaign are engaging and interactive elements that aim to foster education and meaningful discussions. We invite participants to join us in exploring the complexities of the criminal justice system by interacting with subject matter experts who can shed light on the issues driving crime and recidivism. By immersing ourselves in these discussions, we stand to gain valuable insights that will guide us towards more informed and empathetic approaches to tackling these challenges.

Beyond the ordinary campaign messaging, 2XChances provides an opportunity to connect with people who have directly experienced the criminal justice system. Through these personal interactions, we can begin to see the human faces behind the statistics, understanding their struggles, aspirations, and unique perspectives. It’s an invaluable chance to cultivate empathy and compassion in our hearts and minds.

We are excited to equip our participants with practical tools to support second chances within their own circles of influence. By taking action in simple yet meaningful ways, they become agents of change in their communities. Empowerment lies at the heart of our campaign, and we encourage everyone to take an active role in creating a brighter future for our city.

Together, as we embark on this transformative journey, we envision a community where understanding, empathy, and progress reign. Each second chance we offer represents a stepping stone towards a stronger and more resilient society – one that embraces the inherent potential for growth and positive change in each and every individual. So, let’s join hands and build a better tomorrow, one chance at a time.

Join us for any or all of 2XChances2023.  And for more information, contact Tim Dempsey at 423-902-6695.

Employer Declaration | Sign Now

While all second chances matter to anyone who has made a mistake, we recognize that they create superabundant value where they are scarcest. Our Employer Declaration is a simple way for companies to indicate that they do not discriminate against candidates who are living in Chattanooga with the disability of a felony conviction.

Bledsoe Prison Tour | August 18

Most people’s understanding about prison is informed by the media that they consume. And most of the time this understanding is far from the facts. If you are interested in dispelling the myths of prison by getting a closer look at what it’s like and hearing firsthand from people who live and work there, please consider joining us for a tour of Tennessee’s Bledsoe Prison.

REFLECT Gallery Opening | August 23

REFLECT is a subject-artist collaborative project of acclaimed architectural photographer Trent Bell. The project spotlights people who have gone through life changing experiences and both graphically and emotionally immerses viewers in their stories. Visit The Gallery at Mission Chattanooga through October 23 to explore Trent's evocative large-scale portraits of people in prison with letters to their younger selves in the background. (Teachers and group leaders please request additional information.)

Community Building Workshop | October 20-22

Community Building is a framework that help individuals, regardless of the diversity of their backgrounds, to accept and transcend their differences. It fosters open and effective communication, cultivating an environment of profound trust, respect, and safety. With marked success in reentry programs in New Orleans, Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, and here in Chattanooga, join us to discover how to draw community out of chaos while healing the wounds that divide people and their communities.

REFLECT Panel Discussion | October 12

Brandon Brown, once incarcerated for ten years, is now pursuing his doctorate in Restorative Justice at George Mason University. Join us as Brandon and REFLECT photographer Trent Bell discuss their unique collaboration, bridging the divide between prison walls and camera lenses -- and dive into a dialogue about the singular role of ordinary citizens in fostering inclusive communities for those impacted by the criminal justice system.