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Tennessee State Prisoners
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Putting Integrative Justice in Action

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Stephen's Table

By simply keeping in touch with people in prison -- many of whom never hear from their family or friends -- community volunteers preserve social bonds and the chance for a successful transition back to society.


People come home from prison one at a time. Pathways enables us to help them one at a time -- which makes us fully responsive to the needs of each and everyone who partners with us on their personal journeys of success.

Community Building

Using the Peckian group development model, seasoned facilitators create the space for participants to transcend their differences, enter into difficult dialogue, and build productive relationships.

Building a Sense of Place In Chattanooga for All

At the core of our values lies the profound belief that second chances are essential for achieving success, not just for individuals but also for the betterment of our communities. It sustains hope for those confronted with limited opportunities, facilitates personal growth through inevitable mistakes, and empowers us all to unlock our fullest potential. Moreover, it fosters goodwill and nurtures a sense of belonging that extends to every member of our society.

Please join us to celebrate Second Chances in Chattanooga by participating in 2xChances2023. Learn more!

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