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Creating a Culture of Opportunity for All

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August 1 - Open for Signatures
August 31 - Closed
September 1 - Press Release

We are striving for a day when everyone from Chattanooga who is serving time in prison and their loved ones have access to the support and the resources that they need from their earliest encounter with the criminal justice system until they are free and clear of its adverse effects.

If you employ people in Hamilton County and believe in second chances, we invite you to add your company, organization, institution, or agency to our Second Chance Employer Declaration. The only requirement is that you hire in the area and that you agree with the declaration below. If you would like to do more, please get in touch with us to find out about some simple and straightforward ways to promote second chances at your place of work. 

Employer Declaration

We believe that second chances are intrinsic to success — both for individuals and for their communities. They help to keep hope alive for those with limited opportunities, make it possible for everyone to learn from their mistakes and to live up to their potential, foster goodwill, and creates a sense of place that extends to everyone.

While all second chances matter, we recognize that they create superabundant value where they are the scarcest. Therefore, we support second chances, in particular, for those who are living in Chattanooga with the disability of a felony conviction.

Just as second chances unlock opportunities for people who have been convicted of a felony to find meaningful work, care for their families, and become invested in their communities, they also unlock opportunities for Chattanooga to prosper by tapping into the full potential of its citizenry.

While we do not artificially favor employees or candidates with felony convictions, neither do we discriminate against them. We firmly stand behind a culture of opportunity that is legitimately available to all.

Therefore, we join all the second chance employers in the area to celebrate those who have found a second chance in Chattanooga and those who have taken the time to create them.